Body Corporate

Often there are other specific services that are more common to Bodies Corporate than other commercial or industrial customers. Energy Options Australia provides specialist services for Bodies Corporate and have been involved in tailoring these services for 100's of Bodies Corporate since 2002.

Services such as Contract Negotiation and Review, Tariff Analysis and Review and Energy Efficiency Improvement are still very relevant but the following services are more specific to Bodies Corporate.

Bulk Electricity (Utility) Management

Bulk electricity management allows residential and commercial bodies corporate to make savings for the common area and residents (owners and tenants), through the bulk purchase of electricity with savings in recent times being as much as 30 to 40% compared to the regulated tariffs.

Energy Options Australia provides a comprehensive service - from the initial analysis of the potential for bulk supply - through to the implementation of the conversion and engagement of your billing company.

Importantly Energy Options Australia delivers independent advice to our customers, assisting with the selection (possibly through tender) of the most appropriate billing company. As part of this selection process, we look at both performances over time and total costs in selecting the best value provider for your business.

Bulk Hot Water

Many Bodies Corporate have central hot water plant providing hot water to apartments within the complex. Often the central plant is owned, operated and managed by a third party such as Origin Energy or other private providers.

Energy Options Australia can provide specialist services to assist residential bodies corporate to make informed choices where central hot water plant is required to provide hot water to individual apartments. Whether this is through ownership by the body corporate or through the engagement of a private third party operator, Energy Options Australia can guide you to making the best decision for your body corporate.

This also includes older buildings with individual hot water systems in each unit. Energy Options Australia can provide advice on alternatives to replacing the existing hot water services in order to provide a more cost effective and environmentally sustainable solution.

Developers - Provision of bulk utilities to new developments

Developers have the opportunity for larger scale residential and commercial strata developments to include the provision of bulk utilities to provide savings to the residents or occupiers as well as enhance the sales prospects for the developer through lower levies and often savings in construction costs.

Energy Options Australia provides the expertise and assistance to the developer or the future bodies corporate to ensure the most appropriate bulk utility arrangement is provided for any project. Typical utilities for most projects include:

The primary role of Energy Options Australia is to work with the developer's consultants to ensure any bulk utilities included in the project are arranged to provide the greatest benefit to the developer and the future body corporate. It is critical that the utilities are established to reflect the Body Corporate structure, particularly with a layered scheme or where a BMS may be included.

This requires the metering to be installed to ensure the ability of accurate separation of the usage of all utilities for each entity. There are many examples where bodies corporate struggle with the recovery of utility charges from other parties not part of the Body Corporate.