Our Services

We offer a wide renage of services for all our customers with the following as examples. Other specific services applicable to Bodies Corporate can be found under the BODY CORPRATE page.

Tariff Analysis and Review

Many customers currently on regulated tariff arrangements are not necessarily on the most suitable electricity or gas tariffs and end up pay more than they need to for their energy. Energy Options Australia will ensure in the first instance that the best energy tariffs available are adopted by our customers.

If further savings are then available through either a negotiated energy supply contract or discount arrangement, we will provide additional advice on how to take advantage of these savings - see Contract Renegotiation and Review below.

Contract Negotiation and Review

Energy Options Australia will manage the negotiation process of your market contract, securing the best arrangement from your current and potential energy suppliers. This includes gathering the necessary consumption data and calling for offers from a number of retailers to assist you with your decision making process.

Alternatively if your current contract is not due to expire for some time; we will review your existing contract to determine whether you are being charged correctly for market charges including loss factors, network charges and other ancillary costs.

Energy Options Australia also provides a robust ongoing bill-checking service for customers to ensure that unnecessary charges do not occur.

Energy Efficiency Improvement

Through energy reviews (energy audits) and the assessment of existing systems and processes we are able to provide you with potential energy efficiency improvements.

Energy Options Australia is able to provide the services to conduct the equivalent of a Level 2 Energy audit or any variation depending on the scope required by our customer.

The Level 2 Audit will be undertaken to meet the requirements of the Australian Standard. It will incorporate all aspects of a Level 1 Audit (desktop review) plus the additional requirements of the Level 2 Audit (site survey).

The Desktop Review provides an evaluation of the quantity and cost of all energy (electricity, gas, etc) used in the site over the most recent 12 month period. Our customer would normally provide this information or authorise access from their suppliers.

The Site Survey is then undertaken to obtain a more detailed understanding of how and where our customer uses energy and identifies opportunities for reduction.

Areas of investigation will include:

The outcome of the audit will be the identification of a range of reduction (or savings) opportunities. These opportunities will be recorded by area for easy identification. A report will be tailored to our customer's requirements and include a breakdown of energy usage by area with opportunities prioritised by level of energy reduction or possible savings. The cost to implement each opportunity and typical savings or return on investment (payback) will be detailed where possible.

Energy Options Australia can also provide a project management role where our customer decides to follow through with any of the identified opportunities.

Other Services

In addition to these main services other services provided include: